Share into app


Allow your users to share URL links to your app from other apps installed on their device. Your app will appear on the list of target apps and actions when the "Share" menu is invoked anywhere on the device with a URL link.


Developer Demo

Display our demo page in your app to test during development

Implementation Guide

For iOS you will need to add an App Group identifier to the Share into app native plugin configuration. In most cases, this value is the iOS Bundle ID for your app as registered within your Apple Developer Account.

Define a JavaScript function on your website median_share_to_app(data). When the "Share" action is triggered your app will open and this JavaScript function will be called with a JSON object containing the data that is being shared. When sharing a webpage into your app you'll have access to data.url containing the page URL and data.subject with the page title or text provided by the user.

function median_share_to_app(data) {
Your app available in the share dialogue prompt - iOS (Left) and Android (Right)