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Why your mobile app needs push notification user segmentation

With increased access to an array of customer data collected through marketing tools, companies are held to even higher standards in delivering relevant content to users. Learn how to send personalized push notifications using OneSignal's user segmentation features.

Why users like personalized push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful marketing tool that can be used to send personalized messages and alerts to your customers at the most relevant times. When push notifications are relevant, users naturally pay more attention to them.

It demonstrates that you understand your users’ needs. If you’re not already doing so, you should prioritize sending notifications that are relevant to a user’s buying stage, their known preferences, their specific behaviors, and their personal information.

Forgot something? George (first_name), the sofa (cart_item) you looked at is still in stock and on sale until tomorrow.

What is user segmentation?

User segmentation involves breaking your users into groups based on shared qualities or characteristics in order to target them with more personalized and engaging messages. Segmentation serves many purposes across the customer lifecycle, from engaging dormant users to sending cross-sell content to targeting users to leave reviews, and more.

With user segmentation, you can divide your user base into smaller audiences based on all types of data such as in-app behavior, location, language, cross-channel data, and more. Segments can be drawn broadly or narrowly and can be used for a variety of purposes across the customer lifecycle. 

Chart showing increasing open rate as number of segments increases
OneSignal's analysis shows that increasing the number of segments used within an app drives a higher open rate

Why your mobile app needs user segmentation

Segmentation is crucial to any mobile app messaging approach. Segments allow you to better recognize and hone your content to your customer’s needs. They also help you increase your messages’ relevance and give users more reasons to come back to your app.

Industry trends reveal that consumers are showing increased expectations and affinity for personalized app experiences, and mobile companies across the board are prioritizing delivering on this need.

One study finds that segmented and personalized push notifications can lead to up to an 800 percent lift in open rates.

Your competitors are likely aware of this, so the bar is high for you to deliver equally or better-customized in-app, push, and cross-channel experiences. More focused messaging leads to a more gratifying user experience, which in turn improves retention, prevents churn, nurtures loyalty, and increases LTV.

Beyond these outcomes, segmentation allows you to collect insights on your users and refine your strategy as you go.

OneSignal segmentation using Median 

Median’s OneSignal integration supports custom tags that categorize and segment users. Send notifications directly to users or to specific Segments of users based on these custom tags to better target messages and increase click-through rates.

You can assign a user any custom tag from your website via the Median JavaScript Bridge, for example after they create an account or add an item to their cart.

Or you can display a native user interface screen to present a list of pre-defined tags that allow the user to assign themselves tags which then serve as subscriptions to different categories of notifications.

Learn more about custom tags in Median's Documentation.'s Built-in Subscription User Interface
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