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About this plugin

With the growing reliance on third-party payment providers and authentication services, it's crucial to provide functionality and security within your app equivalent to what you offer on your website. Secure Modal addresses this challenge by creating a secure environment within your app, enabling the seamless usage of essential third-party functionalities, such as web-based Apple Pay and Google Pay, while maintaining the highest level of security.

Note that if you are implementing your own instance of Apple Pay or Google Pay, we recommend using the native iOS and Android integrations which provide the utmost functionality and user experience. However, in cases where you are using an external payment provider that in turn offers Apple Pay or Google Pay, such a native integration is not possible, and this is where Secure Modal will save the day.

While compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, we designed this native plugin to provide you with a seamless solution for integrating any external web solution that requires a secure iOS WKWebView window with external scripting blocked or a Chrome Custom Tab on Android.

The plugin can be integrated effortlessly into your app using the Median App Studio and JavaScript Bridge. Ready to extend your app’s reach with secure third-party libraries? Enhance your app's functionality and user experience with Secure Modal.

Key features


Maximum compatibility:

Ensure the functionality you offer through third-party services function equivalently in your app as compared to your website. 


Seamless integration:

Effortlessly integrate into your app by using the Median JavaScript Bridge to launch a checkout or payment flow within a secure modal, on both iOS and Android.


Automatic close:

On iOS, configure the secure modal to close automatically after a payment or other success event is completed within the window.

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Frequently asked questions about Secure Modal (Apple Pay)

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