Native Page Transitions


With native page transitions enabled a loading spinner will show when loading new pages within your app. The current page will fade out, the loading spinner will be displayed, and then the new page will fade in when it has finished loading.

The fade out transition will start when your app makes a new non-AJAX HTTP request, and the new page will fade in once the DOM readyState is "interactive". More info on readyState.

Note: If your app appears to respond slower than your mobile website, you can try disabling native page transitions and rebuilding. If the speed is faster with native transitions disabled it's likely your web application has long-running JavaScript that must complete before firing the readyState interactive event. Javascript that is not required to complete before the page is rendered should be run after $( document ).ready() or similar. This way, it does not hold up the loading of your website, and so the native page transitions can finish.