Will my app stop working if I don’t update it?

Your app will function indefinitely on the devices supported at time of launch. However, future iOS and Android releases, and new devices, often require your app to be updated to maintain compatibility. Your development team can maintain the source code provided as needed or you can subscribe to app updates from Median.

When do I need to update my app?

We recommend updating your app annually or coinciding with major iOS and Android releases and new device launches. With an active plan from Median updating to our latest source code is seamless and will ensure that your app will perform as expected for all of your users. As we are always optimizing app performance and adding new features you will gain the benefits of our ongoing improvements.

How do I update my app?

  1. Make any required changes to your app in the App Studio and preview your apps in the browser-based mobile device simulators to verify basic functionality.
  2. Create a new iOS and/or Android build as required on the Build & Download tab. You will need to subscribe to a support and updates plan if not yet active.
  3. Publish your updated app
  • If engaging the Median Publishing Team to publish your apps proceed to purchase an App Update Publishing service on the Services tab as shown in the below screenshot. You will receive an automated email with next steps and through the publishing process our team will upload your app for on-device testing using TestFlight.
  • If you are self-publishing refer to our documentation to Build iOS from source and Install Android APK, and submit your updated apps to the corresponding app stores.