Android Release Notes - 2023

2023 Releases - Archived

Dec 21 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Add a prompt to get user consent to use personal data to serve personalized Ads when using AdMob

Dec 12 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Add dataRegion appConfig field for iterable plugin
  • Fix parsing the internal/external rules may cause a crash if value type is not correct.

Dec 7 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Add an appConfig field injectMedianJS: boolean which can be used to disable in-app injection of Javascript bridge in favor of NPM package for React/Angular/Etc apps
  • Fixed: Share dialog not adding the text in the shared content
  • InternalExternal rules are overwritten on app updates. Previously if they were set using the Median JS Bridge, a new update will have no impact. This behaviour is now in parity with iOS
  • OneSignal plugin added back oneSignalSubscribed in info method response.

Nov 28 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Introducing In-App browser. You can now define link handling rules so that links open in a separate Chrome window within the app. This helps improve the end-user experience and increases session time.

Nov 8 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed: Camera intent not showing when QR/Barcode Scanner or similar plugins that require camera access are active.

Oct 30 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added 'state' parameter to Social Login plugin

Oct 18 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed bottom tab bar labels not showing if more than 3 buttons are present in menu.

Oct 10 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed bug where top navigation bar icons disappear in some cases.

Oct 5 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed slow performance on lower end devices
  • Fixed native transitions between pages not working as expected

Oct 3 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed bug where downloading a file with a filename that already exists may crash the app on Samsung Note 10+ devices.

Sep 29 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Pressing back on root url now quits the app. This behavior change was introduced when switching to system API for splash screen

Sep 28 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Initial splash screen fade time has been improved

Sep 25 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • App now resets to initialUrl instead of crashing if the app is closed while in background with a large history stack.

Sep 11 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Android now uses the new splash screen API.

Aug 27 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Remove location-services dependencies from main app

Aug 11 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

Aug 11 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • New splash screen configuration. Android now uses system splash screen.

Aug 5 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed blob downloads.

Aug 5 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Minor UI changes and stability issues.
  • Fixed side menu was able to swipe into view when it is set to be disabled.

Aug 5 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Camera uploads now work correctly when using QR/Barcode Scanner plugin.

Jul 31 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added new JavaScript Bridge function to check for Android location permission.

Jul 19 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added and window.close methods.

Jul 12 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Add support for setting cacheMode via appConfig.

Jun 20 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed internal downloads not saving properly in some cases.
  • All internal downloads are now opened regardless of ContentDisposition header.
  • Fixed selecting a tab using JavaScript Bridge method may also emulate a click causing a url change.
  • Used new method to silent foreground notifications for OneSignal.
  • Used new bridge param to set maxWindow autoClose.
  • WebRTC permissions are no longer required at startup.

Jun 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Downloads that are internal are now opened immediately.

Jun 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Add new method in JavaScript Bridge to silence foreground notifications for OneSignal. Docs

Jun 15 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Downloads with attachment=inline header now open automatically.

Jun 6 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Added support for new foldable phone models.

May 31 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added JavaScript Bridge function to enable/disable back swipe gestures.
  • Reinstated some previous download behaviors (downloaded files not showing up in file manager apps).
  • Removed haptics with swipe gestures.

May 22 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed horizontal scrolling not working in some cases.
  • Unified download behaviours across all possible scenarios.

May 12 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Improved swipe back gestures and diagonal movement detection.

May 12 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • This fix reinstates previous functionality of maxWindows flag irrespective of autoClose

May 12 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Downloading files no longer shows a notification showing the progress.

Apr 28 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Reworked downloads (Notification is displayed with download progress and info).
  • Top navigation bar will show Display Mode auto when a valid title or actions are defined.
  • Fixed title not being centered in top navigation bar.
  • Fixed icons not always displaying in top navigation bar.
  • Added new median_app_resumed callback which is called when app is resumed from background. Documentation
  • Added optional text parameter for median.share function. Documentation

Apr 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Auto-closes windows when approaching the maximum number of open windows allowed.

Mar 28 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed app crash in certain situations when tabs are set using the Median JavaScript Bridge.

Mar 28 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed internal/external regex not being immediately updated when using the Median JavaScript Bridge.

Mar 22 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed tab deselection not working using Median JavaScript Bridge.

Mar 20 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed issue with app updates showing warnings about AD_ID being present when admob plugin is not being used.

Mar 17 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Major enhancements to Android file picker.

Mar 16 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Disable app-based swipe gestures when system is set to use gesture navigation as they may conflict.

Mar 2 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Improved handling of intent:\\ urls.

Mar 2 - New Feature πŸ†•

Feb 22 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed crash on blob:// url downloads.
  • Fixed Android notification prompt not working on Android 13+.
  • Improved console web logs.
  • Fixed interception of download urls and UI no longer freezes.

Feb 10 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Improved handling of intent:\\ urls.

Feb 6 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added additional optional param to set filename when downloading file.
  • Fixed issue where an empty file may be created when user cancels a file upload from camera.

Jan 30 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added support for intent:\\ urls on websites.