iOS Release Notes - 2023

2023 Releases - Archived

Dec 21 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Add a prompt to get user consent to use personal data to serve personalized Ads when using AdMob

Dec 12 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Add dataRegion appConfig field for iterable plugin
  • Add an appConfig field injectMedianJS: boolean which can be used to disable in-app injection of Javascript bridge in favor of NPM package for React/Angular/Etc apps
  • When closing the appbrowser window median_appbrowser_closed callback will be called.

Dec 11 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed an issue where iOS alert dialogs would clear webview controller settings including status bar styling

Nov 28 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Introducing In-App browser. You can now define link handling rules so that links open in a separate Safari window within the app. This helps improve the end-user experience and increases session time.

Nov 16 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • arm64 simulators are now supported on M-series Macs
  • Activity indicator now always has white color regardless of color theme (dark/light)

Nov 9 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed: Back button is not always labelled 'Back' on nav level 1 and up.

Oct 30 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added 'state' parameter to Social Login plugin

Sep 29 - Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

  • Javascript alert and prompt dialogs now have button order which is consistent with other browser apps.

Sep 28 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Push notification auto-prompt for permission now works with ATT auto-consent-prompt

Sep 25 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added ability to remove keyboard accessory view using general.iosShowKeyboardAccessoryView key

Sep 11 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added Dynamic Type support

Aug 17 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added delay to splash screen animation. Splash screen is now visible until the first page load is complete.
  • Improvements to how Content-Disposition header is used to guess the filename when downloading files.

Aug 5 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Use filename suggested in Content-Disposition header in file downloads

Aug 3 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Custom headers for backward and forward navigation

Jul 31 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added new JavaScript Bridge function to monitor keyboard state.

Jul 21 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added new and window.close methods.
  • Check MIME type for main window only and not trigger downloads for iframes.

Jun 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Add new method in JavaScript to silence foreground notifications for OneSignal. Docs

Jun 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added new JavaScript Bridge param to set maxWindow.autoClose Docs

May 17 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Default assets can now be changed on iOS.

May 12 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed media player widget not showing correctly on lock screen.
  • Fixed app crash when calling setTabs and selectTabs via JS Bridge

Apr 28 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added keepScreenOn bridge methods.
  • Added new median_app_resumed callback which is called when app is resumed from background. Documentation
  • Allowed optional text when sharing a url using the bridge method.
  • Fixed statusBarStyle not following system settings when set to auto.

Apr 20 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Auto-closes windows when approaching the maximum number of open windows allowed.

Mar 29 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Native file download requests now use the proper User-Agent string.
  • Fixed navigation items overwriting back button title in new windows.

Mar 2 - New Feature πŸ†•

Feb 22 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fixed pinch to zoom not working in some apps.

Feb 15 - Bugfix πŸ›

  • Fix for native search not working in some cases in new navigation bar.

Jan 26 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added support for webConsoleLogs to show website Javascript logs in Appetize device logs.