URL Scheme Protocol


URL Schemes are an advanced configuration option used to define a non-standard link format that will only open in your app and not in the device browser e.g. youruniquestring://yoursite.com/path. This functionality is helpful in authentication redirect flows or for a more seamless user experience. URL Schemes will only work on mobile devices and are not compatible with desktop browsers. We recommend only experienced developers implement this functionality.

For Android and iOS:

To enable URL schemes, define a unique string not used by any other app which will serve as the "protocol". Standard URLs use http:// or https://, but these URLs will look like `youruniquestring://.

Assuming you use "youruniquestring", we will actually create two URL schemes for your app, i.e. youruniquestring.http:// and youruniquestring.https://. If you redirect a mobile user to either URL scheme, and they have your app installed, we will automatically open the specified link in the app.

For example, if you redirect a user to youruniquestring.https://example.com/path, your app will automatically open and then load https://example.com/path.