App Studio Release Notes - 2023

2023 Releases - Archived

Nov 28 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Introducing In-App browser links. You can now define link handling rules so that set links open in an in-app browser. This helps improve the end-user experience and increases session time.

Oct 30 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Hosted offline page functionality to create an app offline page based on a live URL. The App Studio will save the content at the specified URL and display this cached page when your app is offline and unable to access your website.
  • This functionality can be used to provide an offline page that is seamless and completely white labeled to your app without needing to write standalone HTML/CSS.

Oct 19 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Added iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices with iOS 17 in simulator preview.
  • Added iOS 17 option in simulator preview for iPhone 11 Pro, 12, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max devices

Sep 22 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Specify the languages you wish your app to support on the Interface tab. Contact our team to add support for additional languages.

Jun 27 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • More granular permission for WebRTC applications to provide app-level permission for the microphone and/or camera rather than both. Found on the Permissions tab.

Mar 24 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • Custom iOS camera permission can now be set on Permissions tab to skip needing to customize this string in Xcode

Mar 21 - New Feature πŸ†•

  • NFC usage description can now be set on Permissions tab.