Native Media Player

Background Audio Player for iOS & Android


Developer Demo

Display our demo page in your app to test during development

The Native Media Player plugin adds a native media player UI to the device lock screen and notification area. This allows audio from your app to play while the device is locked or your app is backgrounded. Use cases include radio apps, audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning courses, corporate training, news publications, and many more. The player includes Play/Pause and Previous/Next controls, and displays metadata associated with the currently playing track. There are two versions of the Native Media Player depending on your requirements:

  1. Standard Player: Use the Native Media Player as the default method of playing audio content in your app. Launch the player with a single track or an array of tracks (playlist) from your website through the Median JavaScript Bridge. When the app is backgrounded or the device is locked the audio playback will continue and the native playback UI will show.

  2. Background Player: Use an HTML-based player on your website when the app is in the foreground and transition to the Native Media Player when the app is backgrounded or device is locked. When the app is resumed transition back to your web player. You will define JavaScript callbacks on your site to manage the transition to and from the native player.

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