Enterprise Plugin


Improve app security and meet corporate IT compliance requirements by adding specific capabilities and functionality to your app.

Apps with an Enterprise license have access to our Enterprise Plugin which provides the below functionality. Each feature can be independently managed on the Native Plugins tab.

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Copy/Paste Prevention

Clipboard access is blocked preventing copy and paste inside the app.

Screen Capture Prevention

Screen capture prevention can be enabled at launch via the app configuration or alternatively at runtime using the following command.

↔️Median JavaScript Bridge

median.secureScreen.set({secure: true | false});

ATS / Network Security

If active, NSAllowsArbitraryLoads is set to NO on iOS, and cleartextTrafficPermitted="false" is set on Android.

Mask App Switcher Preview

When the app is backgrounded, the screenshot preview image shown in the App Switcher on iOS and Recent Apps on Android is replaced with the app's splash screen.

Jailbreak/Root Detection

When the app launches, if the app detects a compromised device, it will load the initial URL with an additional query parameter, which may be either rootDetected=true or isRooted=true . Please check for both query parameter values. For example, instead of loading https://example.com/, the app will load https://example.com/?rootDetected=true.

For iOS we make use of the DTTJailbreakDetection library at https://github.com/thii/DTTJailbreakDetection amongst other techniques.

For Android, we are using rootbeer library at https://github.com/scottyab/rootbeer amongst other techniques.