Add native Zoom Video to provide your users seamless and integrated video experiences such as in-app video calling


The Zoom Plugin allows you to add embedded video experiences leveraging Zoom's core technology such as in-app video calling. Provide advanced video features and ensure a cohesive and integrated experience for your users.


Developer Demo

Display our demo page in your app to test during development https://median.dev/zoom/


Step 1: Generate JWT Token

A JWT token will be required to join Zoom video calls. Generate a JWT using your SDK Key and SDK Secret as described in this Zoom Documentation

Step 2: Run JavaScript Bridge command

Run the following JS Bridge method with the JWT token, meeting number, and an optional username and password as seen below:

↔️Median JavaScript Bridge

// If passed to the `join` method as a callback this will be called upon conclusion of the call
function zoom_callback(data) { 
    if (data.error) {
        console.log('Twilio Error: ' + data.error);
    } else if (data.status) {
        console.log('Twilio Status: ' + data.status);

// This command returns a promise if 'callback' is not passed
   token: string // JWT 
   sessionName: string // optional 
   userIdentity: string // optional
   password: string // optional
   callback: string | function //optional

Details of the query parameters:

  • token: JWT Token retrieved using the guide above
  • sessionName: Name of the video call room
  • userIdentity: The name that will be shown on the video call room for the user joining the room.
  • password: Password for the session being joined