Legacy Mode

Enable support for OneSignal's legacy device-centric data model or migrate to the latest user-centric model


Legacy Mode

Your app will integrate with the latest OneSignal SDKs and user-centric data model by default. Legacy mode provides support for OneSignal’s v4 SDKs and their previous device-centric data model. To migrate your app from legacy mode to the latest SDKs disable this setting and refer to OneSignal’s User Model Migration Guide as linked in our documentation.

Migration to user-centric data model

To migrate an existing app to OneSignal's user-centric data model refer to their User Model Migration Guide prior to disabling legacy mode.

The primary changes to consider are when associating users and devices, and delivering programmatic transactional notifications. For support of this functionality is the user-centric data model refer to our documentation on User Management and Programmatic Notifications.