Permissions Status


Developer Demo

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Device permissions status can be retrieved via the following JavaScript call:

↔️Median JavaScript Bridge

// get status of all permissions
const response = await median.permissions.status();

// only get status of selected permissions
const response = await median.permissions.status(['Contacts', 'Camera']);

Each requested permission will be represented as a key in the response object.

  "Contacts": 'undetermined',
  "Camera": 'granted'

Each permission can have the following states:

  • undetermined: The permission was never asked (Only on iOS)
  • granted: The permission has been granted
  • denied: The permission has been denied or has been revoked after being granted and can be asked for again

Status can be fetched for the following permission types:

  • Notifications
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Microphone
  • LocationWhenInUse
  • LocationAlways
  • AppTrackingTransparency (Only for iOS)