Offline Page


Customize the offline page that will be shown when your app is offline.

An offline page will be displayed within your app when the user's device is offline for the duration of a configurable connection offline timeout.

The offline page can be disabled if desired.

Or rather than the default offline page you may configure a custom page in iOS and Android. As the offline page will be shown when the device is not connected to the internet, you must include all required CSS and JavaScript inline and embed any images using base64 data or use SVG images.

When using a custom offline page you may wish to configure it to be the page initially loaded when the app launches. To do so, set your app initialURL to file:///offline.html. You may also wish to include a button to manually attempt to reload the page, for instance after the user connects to WiFi or VPN. To do so, use the JavaScript Bridge function as follows:

↔️Median JavaScript Bridge

Reload the webview page:


Default Offline Page

Custom Offline Page Example