Background Player

Native Media Player as background media player only


iOS Background Mode Configuration

Prior to building your iOS app in Xcode add the Audio, AirPlay, and Picture in Picture capability which is needed for the native media player to work in background, as seen below:

iOS Background Capability

iOS Background Mode

Implementation Guide


Developer Demo

Display our demo page in your app to test during development

You will need to define the following two JavaScript functions on your website:

getPlayerStatus() - Gets the current status of the web player to pass to the native media player. (Called when the app is paused/backgrounded).

updatePlayerStatus(mediaPlayerStatus) - Passes the native media player status to the web player when the app is resumed. (Called when the app is resumed/foregrounded).

Example Code

var webPlayer = document.getElementById('web_player');

function getPlayerStatus() {
    var status = {
        'currentTime': webPlayer.currentTime,
        'isPaused': webPlayer.paused,
        'album': 'Kennedy',
        'artist': 'JFK',
        'title': 'JFK Speech',
        'artwork': 'https://path_to_thumbnail.jpeg',
        'url': webPlayer.currentSrc
    return status;

function updatePlayerStatus(mediaPlayerStatus) {
    // if currentTime not provided, play/pause only
        webPlayer.currentTime = mediaPlayerStatus.currentTime / 1000;
    // play/pause based on whether the mediaplayer was playing/paused before resuming the app
    if (mediaPlayerStatus.isPaused && !webPlayer.paused) {
        alert("Pausing the web player at " + mediaPlayerStatus.currentTime / 1000);
    else if (!mediaPlayerStatus.isPaused && webPlayer.paused) {;
        alert("Playing the web player at " + mediaPlayerStatus.currentTime / 1000);