Android Launch Images

Android 12+

Starting with Android 12 Google specifies the design of the Splash Screen to include a circular cropped image in the center of the splash screen. Typically for best results this means you should provide a low complexity image with minimal text similar to your app icon. See Android UI Guidelines for splash screens for more details.

Previous Android versions

Due to the wide range of display resolutions and pixel densities available on Android devices, images within apps display at the best quality when "9-patch" images are used. More info about 9-patch and image generation tools can be found on Google

The Median App Studio automatically generates 9-patch images for your Android launch images. If you want to provide your own 9-patch images, you may download the Android source code for your app and replace them in the source.


Why does my Android launch image bleed from the edge?

The image border of Android 9-patch "frame pixels" must be either solid or transparent (not intermediate alphas).

We suggest adding a 1px border that is either the same color as your intended background or transparent.